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We only stock the World’s Most Beautiful Eyewear with best-in-class High Definition Free-Form Digital Rx Lenses. Our excellence in customer service through our Service Promise are what sets us apart. This is Who We Are!

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Not All Lenses Are Equal

High Definition Free-Form Digital Lenses fully compensate the lens power allowing for 100% visual acuity where as conventional lenses provide approximately 80%. This is achievable by taking specific measurements of the frame, lenses, and the unique position in which each patient wears the frame. These lenses provide the most crisp and clear vision possible!

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The World’s Most
Beautiful Eyewear

We have a heart of passion to transform the patient eye care experience by providing the “World’s Most Beautiful Eyewear. We specialize in the best-in-class High Definition Free-Form Digital Rx Lenses. We believe this technology delivers the absolute best optics possible.

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Quality Service Promise

Each prescription lens will be measured by a trained optician and exact measurements provide the best vision possible. Each pair of eyeglasses are edged & mounted by a certified lab technician to insure precise alignment of your frame & optical measurements. Each frame will be hand adjusted to offer the most comfortable fit.

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Dita™ Aristocrat - DRX-2076 Matttew™ Almeria - 06
Our Price: $750.00
Our Price: $569.00
Ditaâ„¢ Aristocrat - DRX-2076 Matttewâ„¢ Almeria - 06
Limited Edition!!!