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Located at 13th & Chestnut Streets, Center City Philadelphia

Omni Vision Opticians Presents "World's Most Beautiful Eyewear!"


Established in July 1991, Omni Vision Opticians has been serving the Philadelphia community as an exclusive Cartier Dealer with a specialty in best-in class digital lenses.

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Dr. Stuart J. Burg, O.D.

Our Services Begin With a Smile & End With
a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive and thorough being the operative words here. As the premier center for treating complex vision problems we see patients arrive from all over Philadelphia and far beyond. We are known for our excellence in testing, diagnosing, and treating vision problems especially in our three main focuses below.

EYE Disease & Senior eyes

You have hit 60 years and your eyes no it-but don't despair-you deserve great eyesight-so this is something our newer technology allows us to see and treat early. Things like, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts? We carry hundreds of frames to suit every lifestyle whether for senior eyes, sport, sun, safety, or high fashion!

Dry Eye Asian Man

Or perhaps, your tears are crusting up? Are you experiencing eye redness and inflammation? You likely have dry eye syndrome. Many practices just offer bandaid solutions. We look at your meibomian glands to offer lasting treatments to alleviate these chronic and debilitating symptoms.

African American Father And Daughter

Myopia is on the rise-and it is not just an inconvenience. And if untreated it can significantly increase the risk of permanent vision loss. On the up side, current research shows that myopia can be managed.

Why Patients Trust Us
& Keep Coming Back

I’ve been going here for 2 years now, and have had a remarkable experience thus far. For anyone looking for a thorough eye exam, stunning glasses, and/or kind/mild-mannered people…make an appointment here. Dr. Burg is efficient , professional, very clean, and kind. Daniel is a joy. He’s so easy to talk too, very helpful, and treats everyone with respect. Also, he has an eye for picking out great glasses that’ll suit your face perfectly.
- DMarie
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Founded in 1847, Cartier is not only one of the most established names in the world of jewelry and watches, it is also a reference of true contemporary luxury. Cartier creates exceptional eyewear, and develops each design from its own vocabulary, showcasing distinctive creativity, exceptional savoir-faire and iconic style led by a clear insight.

Cartier brand picture
Cartier CT0009RS-001

Cartier CT0009RS-001

Masculine rectangular rimless style. Iconic C Décor detail on metal temples. Double C Décor signature on the nose pads.
Price: $1245


Re-launch of the Première de Cartier collection in wood or horn inspired by the Cartier vintage collection. Narrow rectangular sun rimless style combined with full horn or wood temples and enriched by the iconic C Décor and Godron detail. Double C Décor logo plaque on temple tips as an elegant signature of the Maison.
Price: $3,795.00


New oversize square full rim shape, featuring the emblematic Panthère de Cartier for a very elegant and sophisticated design with a modern touch. Double metal finish: smooth on the bottom and brushed on the top. Three-dimensions metal panther head sculptures with jewelry finishes: black lacquer for eyes and nose to recall nyx. *Cartier logo engraved on the temples and Double C Décor signature on the nose pads. Precious finish in gold.
Price: $1,195
Cartier CT0195S-003

Cartier CT0195S-003

Santos evolution in a full rim titanium pilot shape for a 100% masculine design, with a strong and recognizable aesthetic. Identifiable Santos screw décor, symbol of the Santos de Cartier collection on the front, the temples and the end tips as decorative and structural element. Full lenses with the top internal corners and the shape of the end tips replicating the cut of the Santos watch case. Cartier logo engraved on the temples, Double C Décor signature on the nose pads, and precious finish in platinum and gold.
Price: $1,295.00
Cartier CT0032RS-001

Cartier CT0032RS-001

Cat-eye rimless style. Iconic Panthère de Cartier metal temples. Double C Décor signature on the nose pads.
Price: $1,195.00